Agility Trialing B

For Agility Trialing A graduates. We run a full course, then define the problem sequences of the course and try different solutions for the problems presented.

This class is in the summer (May - August) held at our facility outside on the field (unless it rains, then we're inside), and in the winter (September - April) will be held always indoors, 3x here at Regine Dog Training Facility and 3x at Sirius Ranch in Wasilla. The class fee in the winter includes an additional $30 to cover the rental fee for Sirius Ranch ($190 instead of $160 class fee).

We again have three different curriculums for this class, and keep changing the challenges within these curriculums. Sirius Ranch has a course set up already that's always different from the week before.

How to sign up:

Towards the end of this page you'll find a listing of Upcoming Sessions. Find the day and time that works for you (there might only be one option), and click on "View Details". A "Sign Up" button will appear at the top of the page next to the class title.

Session Details:
Cost: $190.00
Length: 6 - 1 hour sessions
Size: up to 6

Upcoming Sessions:
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