Take advantage of our one-on-one training with our passionate instructors!

Behavior and manners:
Our instructor June offers in-home private lessons to bring our class curriculums to your home. She can help you getting a better recall, loose leash walking, decrease jumping up on people, mouthing, chewing on unwanted items ...

For specific behavior issues like aggression to strangers or other dogs, separation anxiety or resource guarding please contact our office to schedule a private consult with Claudia.

Agility private lessons:
Our main agility instructor Ella-Kate can help you and your dog to overcome fears, practice specific obstacles and teach you alternative training approaches not suitable for group settings; all that without the distraction of other dogs.

How to sign up:
Please contact our office with a brief description of your needs. We'll then have the instructor get in touch with you. Email us to Remember to include information about your dog(s) and a phone number for the instructor to call you.

The fee for a one-hour lesson at your home with June is $70 for the Wasilla/ Palmer area and $80 for the Chugiak/Eagle River area.
The fee for a one-hour opening for agility with Ella-Kate at our facility is $70.
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February 2018
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